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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Act 5, Scene 2.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does the Duke order Othello to do before hearing what Brabantio has to say?
(a) Depart to spy on the Turks.
(b) Leave to fight the Ottomans.
(c) Await his trial time in the jail.
(d) Take an oath of honesty.

2. What does Othello ask Desdemona when she awakens to him standing beside their bed?
(a) If she is feeling alright.
(b) If she has any sins to confess.
(c) If she has been unfaithful to him.
(d) If she still loves him.

3. What does Cassio ask of Emilia the morning after his brawl in the street?
(a) To find some money for him to sail back to Venice.
(b) To plead with Othello to forgive him.
(c) To secure him some time to talk alone with Desdemona.
(d) To deliver a letter to both Othello and Desdemona.

4. What does Iago swear to do to Othello and Desdemona's 'fine tuned' love?
(a) Fill their lives with dischord.
(b) Make them both sing solos.
(c) Increase the harmony.
(d) Put it to rest.

5. What does Othello order Emilia to do before he leaves after questioning Desdemona?
(a) Stay by his side to keep him from doing something rash.
(b) Pack up her own things because she has been fired.
(c) Pack up Desdemona's things so that she can leave.
(d) Stay by Desdemona's side constantly.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is announced in Act 2, Scene 2?

2. What did Cassio do for Othello while Othello and Desdemona were still courting?

3. Who seems to be the only man of stature and honor in the room while Brabantio is raving in the inn?

4. What does Othello reveal to Desdemona after she explains to him the kind of love she has for Cassio?

5. What does Iago tell Othello to do when Othello decides to punish his wife for her affair?

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