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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Act 4, Scene 2.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What makes Iago so happy when he hears of Othello's odd behavior towards Desdemona?
(a) He sees a chance to get more power.
(b) He knows that his plan is working.
(c) He knows that they will divorce and he can be with Desdemona.
(d) He sees a chance to prove his loyalty by calming Othello down.

2. Who is one of the messengers who summons Othello while he is talking to Iago of his love for Desdemona?
(a) Cassio.
(b) Brabantio.
(c) Roderigo.
(d) General Stringham.

3. What is the Duke discussing when he is first seen in the play?
(a) Othello's marriage.
(b) Brabantio's accusation of Othello.
(c) His wife's sickness.
(d) The Tukish fleet and their destination.

4. Who is ordered to attend Desdemona on her journey to Cyprus?
(a) Roderigo.
(b) Brabantio.
(c) Cassio.
(d) Iago and his wife.

5. What does Iago tell Roderigo to do after Roderigo is done yelling at him?
(a) Kill Cassio.
(b) Spread rumors about Othello.
(c) Write a false letter of love to Desdemona.
(d) Sleep with Desdemona.

Short Answer Questions

1. What fault in Othello does Iago plan to use to go about destroying Othello's marriage?

2. Why is Iago trying to destroy Othello's marriage?

3. What excuse does Othello give for being late to a dinner with the islanders?

4. What does Othello ask Iago for when he decides to punish Desdemona for her affair?

5. To what genre is this play categorized?

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