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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Act 4, Scene 3.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Emilia say she would do for the right price?
(a) Kill.
(b) Lie.
(c) Commit adultery.
(d) Dishonor her father.

2. What does Emilia tell Othello when he asks her about Desdemona's affair?
(a) That she has never seen Cassio and Desdemona together alone.
(b) That she has been pure and innocent.
(c) That she fears Desdemona is being unfaithful.
(d) That Desdemona thinks that Othello is having an affair.

3. What question does Desdemona ask Emilia as they get ready for bed?
(a) Can Othello really believe that she has cheated?
(b) Do husbands cheat on their wives?
(c) Has Emilia ever cheated?
(d) Do women really cheat on their husbands?

4. Who is Cassio most worried about when he comes ashore in Cyprus?
(a) Othello.
(b) Roderigo.
(c) Iago.
(d) Desdemona.

5. What does Iago tell Desdemona that Othello is upset about after Othello accuses her of having an affair?
(a) He is a passionate moor and needs no reason.
(b) A friend of his whose wife has cheated.
(c) He is having an affair of his own.
(d) Affairs of the state.

Short Answer Questions

1. What drops to the ground as Othello and Desdemona head to dinner with the islanders?

2. What does Othello tell Emilia to do after he has questioned her about Desdemona's affair?

3. How does Iago plan to ruin Othello's marriage?

4. Who comes into the room holding Desdemona's handkerchief while Iago and Cassio are talking in Othello's house?

5. What does Othello do after reading his letter from the Duke that Lodovico brings?

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