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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Act 3, Scene 3.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the shortest scene in the book?
(a) Act 1, Scene 4.
(b) Act 2, Scene 3.
(c) Act 2, Scene 2.
(d) Act 3, Scene 1.

2. How does Othello really feel about Cassio, even after his brawl in the street?
(a) He is ashamed of Cassio but thinks he has learned his lesson.
(b) He loves Cassio and wants him back in his service.
(c) He is embarassed by Cassio and never wants to see him again.
(d) He is jealous of Cassio and his easy way with women.

3. To what genre is this play categorized?
(a) A romance.
(b) A comedy.
(c) A drama.
(d) A tragedy.

4. What does Iago tell Cassio is the reason for Othello being at the inn?
(a) Othello is running from the law.
(b) Othello is getting ready to travel.
(c) Othellos is married.
(d) Othello wanted a drink with friends.

5. What does Othello ask Iago to watch for while Othello is away on his errand?
(a) Signs of Desdemona's infidelity.
(b) Signs of Cassio's treachery.
(c) A message from the Duke.
(d) The arrival of Desdemona's father.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who is one of the messengers who summons Othello while he is talking to Iago of his love for Desdemona?

2. Who does Iago notice doting on Desdemona while in the court of the Duke of Cyprus?

3. Why does Othello finally consent to meet with Cassio?

4. Who is Cassio most worried about when he comes ashore in Cyprus?

5. What does Othello say about his wife when she leaves after pleading Cassio's case?

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