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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Act 4, Scene 2.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Desdemona feel about Iago's description of the perfect woman?
(a) It is irrational and sexist.
(b) It is more thoughtful than she would have expected.
(c) It is kind and sweet.
(d) It describes herself to a tee.

2. In her conversation with Cassio right before Othello leaves, what does Desdemona say she will make Othello's every moment about?
(a) Herself and her purity.
(b) The Duke and his lusty advances.
(c) Iago and his honesty.
(d) Cassio and his faithfulness.

3. Who asks Iago to deliver something?
(a) Cassio.
(b) Montano.
(c) The Duke.
(d) Othello.

4. What does Othello order Emilia to do before he leaves after questioning Desdemona?
(a) Stay by his side to keep him from doing something rash.
(b) Pack up her own things because she has been fired.
(c) Stay by Desdemona's side constantly.
(d) Pack up Desdemona's things so that she can leave.

5. How does Iago plan to ruin Othello's marriage?
(a) Woo Desdemona himself.
(b) Make Othello think that Desdemona is unfaithful.
(c) Frame Othello for a murder.
(d) Make Othello cheat on Desdemona.

Short Answer Questions

1. After the night of the brawl, where is Othello leaving to?

2. Who does Iago reveal his entire plan to after everyone else leaves the Duke's court in Cyprus?

3. How does Cassio greet Iago's wife when they enter the Duke of Cyprus's court?

4. What does Roderigo feel Iago has wasted by not fulfilling his promise?

5. Why does Iago try so hard to calm Desdemona down after she has been accused by Othello?

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