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Short Answer Questions

1. What magazine does Oscar Wilde publish in from 1887 to 1888?

2. How does Oscar Wilde return to England from America?

3. Oscar Wilde moved in with an artist after he graduated from Oxford. What kind of art did this artist make?

4. When does Oscar Wilde marry?

5. How did Oscar Wilde do on the School's Examinations in 1878?

Short Essay Questions

1. What is Oscar Wilde's father's profession, and what are his political views?

2. How was Oscar Wilde exposed to homosexuality?

3. With whom does Oscar Wilde visit Rome in 1875?

4. How did Lord Alfred Douglas' father feel about his son's relationship with Oscar Wilde?

5. What happens to Oscar Wilde's allowance from his mother after he leaves prison?

6. What were Oscar Wilde's greatest challenges in his first year at Oxford?

7. Describe Oscar Wilde's relationship with Rennell Rodd.

8. Describe Oscar Wilde's marriage to Constance Lloyd.

9. What does Oscar Wilde do for work after he gives up lecturing?

10. What happens to Oscar Wilde when he goes to prison?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Oscar Wilde wrote only one novel, "The Picture of Dorian Gray." How is this novel different from his plays and poems? What part of his personality does he express that is not expressed elsewhere? How does his novel resemble his plays and poems? How is it different?

Essay Topic 2

Describe Oscar Wilde's role as an art critic. What did he see as the critic's role in the art world? How did he perform that role himself? Was he consistent with his own prescription?

Essay Topic 3

Did dying change anything about Oscar Wilde? Did he look at his life with regrets? Did he look back with pride on his work and his actions? Was he proud of his legacy?

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