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Short Answer Questions

1. What is the name of the scholarship Oscar Wilde won to Oxford?

2. Oscar Wilde's mother was a strong supporter of which political cause?

3. As Oscar Wilde watched how the French interpreted aestheticism, what did he see coming from aesthetic ideas?

4. What is Oscar Wilde's father's name?

5. Which intellectual appeals to conscience over imagination?

Short Essay Questions

1. What is Wilde's experience in Paris?

2. What factors made Oscar Wilde's lecturing tour in America a success?

3. Describe Oscar Wilde's relationship with his mother.

4. Why does Oxford extend Oscar Wilde's Demyship?

5. Why was Oscar Wilde's personality so well-suited to be parodied in the theatre?

6. What is memorable about Oscar Wilde's stop in Leadville, Colorado?

7. Why does Archibald Forbes attack Oscar Wilde?

8. Why was Oscar Wilde's first play never produced?

9. Where does Oscar Wilde try to find work after graduating from Oxford?

10. What is Oscar Wilde's father's profession, and what are his political views?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Oscar Wilde stated that the work of art requires the destruction of previous works of art. How did he practice this theory in his own art? Can his public persona be considered the work of art that destroyed his plays and poems and his novel?

Essay Topic 2

Oscar Wilde came into prominence as a friend and opponent of James McNeill Whistler. Describe how Oscar Wilde used controversy and debate and personal invective to his own purposes. What does Wilde gain from his contests, with Whistler and other critics, and then with the Marquis of Queensberry--as a person? What does he gain as a public personality?

Essay Topic 3

Oscar Wilde developed an epigrammatic style at Oxford. What is the form and function of an epigram? How does the epigram suit Wilde's style and social role? How does Wilde use epigrams, and how does his epigrammatic wit benefit him? What other styles does he use in addition to the epigram? What purpose do his other styles serve?

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