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Short Answer Questions

1. Which theme began to appear in Oscar Wilde's writing from 1887 to 1888?

2. In what year was Oscar Wilde born?

3. What is the outcome of Oscar Wilde's travels and lectures in America?

4. What religion is Oscar Wilde first baptized into?

5. What state are Oscar Wilde and his wife's finances in when they marry?

Short Essay Questions

1. How do the people of Paris receive Oscar Wilde in 1891?

2. What were Oscar Wilde's greatest challenges in his first year at Oxford?

3. Describe Oscar Wilde's relationship with Oxford University.

4. How was Oscar Wilde exposed to homosexuality?

5. What factors made Oscar Wilde's lecturing tour in America a success?

6. What happens to Oscar Wilde's allowance from his mother after he leaves prison?

7. What did Oscar Wilde do when he lost his University Demyship?

8. Describe Oscar Wilde's financial situation while he was courting Constance Lloyd.

9. Describe the history and premier of Oscar Wilde's play "Vera."

10. What was the outcome of Oscar Wilde's trip to America?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Oscar Wilde's mother urged him to marry a woman with money. Who else made suggestions as to whom Wilde should marry? Was there ever a time when he considered not marrying? Was Wilde's homosexuality an impediment to his marriage? How did he reconcile his homosexuality and his marriage? How did his wife? What trials or difficulties did Wilde's homosexuality present to Wilde and Constance as their marriage changed over time?

Essay Topic 2

Oscar Wilde was not only homosexual, but openly, even flagrantly homosexual. What explains his openness? What did he gain by it? How did it hurt him personally? How did it affect his career?

Essay Topic 3

More than one of Oscar Wilde's plays was not produced on the stage. What effect do these failures have on his career? How does he compensate for failing to produce the plays? What does he learn from the experiences? Does he benefit in any way from the plays not being produced?

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