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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What was Oscar Wilde's reaction to the attacks that were made on him?
(a) He responded with vitriolic wit.
(b) He sued his attackers for slander.
(c) He appealed to Bishop Manning for help.
(d) He skipped his Baltimore speaking engagement.

2. How does Oscar Wilde achieve fame?
(a) As a personality, through conversation with James McNeill Whistler.
(b) As an art critic, through his writing in the London art papers.
(c) As a playwright, with his first play.
(d) As the son of a rich and famous mother.

3. Why is Oscar Wilde's first play not produced?
(a) Because it dramatized an assassination attempt.
(b) Because the producers ran out of money.
(c) Because Oscar Wilde withdrew it under political pressure.
(d) Because Oscar Wilde's enemies poisoned the backers against him.

4. Who is Archibald Forbes?
(a) An American art critic.
(b) One of Oscar Wilde's lovers.
(c) A war journalist.
(d) Oscar Wilde's agent.

5. What belief does Pater lead Oscar Wilde to?
(a) Art can transcend reality.
(b) Work can set you free.
(c) Art can improve society.
(d) Man can govern himself.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where does Oscar Wilde give his first lecture in America?

2. What profession does Oscar Wilde take up in order to supplement his wife's income?

3. How does Oscar Wilde arrive in America?

4. What did Oscar Wilde say the secret of life was at the end of his first American lecture?

5. Who is Lillie Langtry?

Short Essay Questions

1. How are Oscar Wilde's lectures received in America?

2. Describe Oscar Wilde's relationship with Oxford University.

3. What is memorable about Oscar Wilde's stop in Leadville, Colorado?

4. Describe Oscar Wilde's financial situation while he was courting Constance Lloyd.

5. Why does Oscar Wilde skip his Baltimore speaking engagement?

6. Describe Oscar Wilde's marriage to Constance Lloyd.

7. How was Oscar Wilde exposed to homosexuality?

8. Why was Oscar Wilde's first play never produced?

9. What is Oscar Wilde's father's profession, and what are his political views?

10. Describe Oscar Wilde's relationship with Rennell Rodd.

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