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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What did Oscar Wilde's lover do to change Wilde's mind before the first trial?
(a) He blackmailed Wilde.
(b) He threatened Wilde with scandal.
(c) He offered to give Wilde the help he needed.
(d) He shed tears.

2. What magazine published "The Picture of Dorian Gray"?
(a) Lippincott's.
(b) Pall Mall Gazette.
(c) Harper's Bazaar.
(d) Women's World.

3. What did Oscar Wilde say about disciples?
(a) Life is an eternal discipleship.
(b) Every disciple is enslaved by his master.
(c) Every man is a disciple of Christ.
(d) There are no disciples.

4. What play was Oscar Wilde writing in 1894?
(a) "A Woman of No Importance."
(b) "Lady Windermere's Fan."
(c) "The Importance of Being Earnest."
(d) "Guido Ferranti."

5. How did Oscar Wilde describe Christ's life?
(a) As an iconic sculpture.
(b) As a moving song.
(c) As the greatest of poems.
(d) As a tragic drama.

6. How was "A Woman of No Importance" received?
(a) It was banned after two performances.
(b) It was panned by the critics, but audiences loved it.
(c) It was not a hit, but it made him 100 pounds a week.
(d) It was a critical success, and it established Wilde's name as a playwright.

7. How did Robert Ross help Oscar Wilde?
(a) He persuaded Wilde's mother to reinstate Wilde's allowance.
(b) He published Wilde's last work.
(c) He gave Wilde money for food.
(d) He introduced Wilde to willing supporters.

8. What did Oscar Wilde consider doing before his first trial?
(a) Fleeing to Paris.
(b) Withdrawing the charges.
(c) Filing additional charges.
(d) Renouncing homosexuality.

9. How did Oscar Wilde come across at his first trial?
(a) As a corrupter of youth.
(b) As a hero.
(c) As an elitist.
(d) As a victim.

10. How did Oscar Wilde set the stage for his own prosecution?
(a) He alienated his supporters with cruel wit.
(b) He taunted society with openly homosexual writings.
(c) He was seen having sex in public.
(d) He enraged his lover's father.

11. What was the cause of Oscar Wilde's death?
(a) A fight over his honor.
(b) Heart troubles from hard labor in prison.
(c) Infections from syphilis.
(d) Old age.

12. How was Oscar Wilde's novel, "The Picture of Dorian Gray," received?
(a) It was not noticed until late in Wilde's life.
(b) It was noticed by some literary critics, but it did not sell in large numbers.
(c) It was celebrated for its open homosexuality.
(d) It was almost banned for homosexuality.

13. What brought about Oscar Wilde's first trial?
(a) Wilde was caught performing a homosexual sex act.
(b) Wilde had sued his lover's father for libel.
(c) Wilde was sued for sodomy.
(d) Wilde was sued for his writing's obscenity.

14. Who brings Oscar Wilde out of his artistic doldrums after he is released from Reading jail?
(a) The Marquis of Queensberry.
(b) Major Nelson.
(c) His mother.
(d) Douglas.

15. What was the consequence of Oscar Wilde's first trial?
(a) People rejoiced at Wilde's fall.
(b) The court supported Wilde.
(c) Supporters rushed to protect Wilde.
(d) Wilde's lover's father publicly apologized.

Short Answer Questions

1. When did Oscar Wilde return to Paris?

2. Where did Oscar Wilde travel after he was released from Reading jail?

3. What was the punishment for homosexuality in England in the late 1800s?

4. What is the name of the town where Oscar Wilde stayed after leaving Reading jail?

5. Why was "Salome" not performed?

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