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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What did Oscar Wilde say about disciples?
(a) Every disciple is enslaved by his master.
(b) There are no disciples.
(c) Every man is a disciple of Christ.
(d) Life is an eternal discipleship.

2. Why was Oscar Wilde arrested?
(a) He had slandered the Marquis of Queensberry.
(b) He had committed adultery.
(c) He had published obscene books.
(d) He had admitted to homosexuality, which was a crime.

3. What did Oscar Wilde discover that his lover was trying to do to him?
(a) Blackmail him by threatening to publish their letters.
(b) Get revenge for the lawsuit against his father.
(c) Increase his fame by publishing his plays.
(d) Expose him out of love.

4. How did Robert Ross help Oscar Wilde?
(a) He published Wilde's last work.
(b) He gave Wilde money for food.
(c) He introduced Wilde to willing supporters.
(d) He persuaded Wilde's mother to reinstate Wilde's allowance.

5. What is the name of the town where Oscar Wilde stayed after leaving Reading jail?
(a) Nancy.
(b) Chamonix.
(c) Bernaval.
(d) Dieppe.

6. When was Oscar Wilde first released from prison?
(a) 1891.
(b) 1889.
(c) 1895.
(d) 1893.

7. How did Oscar Wilde describe homosexuality in court?
(a) As the love that dare not speak its name.
(b) As a crime against nature.
(c) As the perfection of love.
(d) As the ideal art.

8. How was Oscar Wilde released from prison for the first time?
(a) He arranged for the charges to be dismissed.
(b) He raised money for bail among his friends.
(c) He proved his innocence at trial.
(d) He escaped with two other prisoners.

9. Who was Lord Alfred Douglas' father?
(a) Bishop Manning.
(b) The Earl of Kent.
(c) The Duke of Gloucester.
(d) The Marquis of Queensberry.

10. When did Oscar Wilde return to Paris?
(a) 1888.
(b) 1890.
(c) 1891.
(d) 1889.

11. Where does Oscar Wilde go after his first trial?
(a) He fled from London to Paris.
(b) He returned to Ireland.
(c) He was arrested and taken to prison.
(d) He traveled to America to lecture.

12. Who is Colonel Isaacson?
(a) Oscar Wilde's lover.
(b) Oscar Wilde's barrister.
(c) A friend of Oscar Wilde's in London.
(d) A strict disciplinarian at Reading jail.

13. What is the name of the play Oscar Wilde wrote upon leaving Reading Gaol?
(a) "A Woman of No Importance."
(b) "Constance."
(c) "Vera."
(d) "The Ballad of Reading Gaol."

14. What was the cause of Oscar Wilde's death?
(a) Heart troubles from hard labor in prison.
(b) Infections from syphilis.
(c) A fight over his honor.
(d) Old age.

15. What is the plot of "The Picture of Dorian Gray"?
(a) An actor dies on stage, but wins eternal fame.
(b) A man lies about his background to marry a wealthy hieress.
(c) An artist sells his soul to the devil in order to be great in his own times.
(d) A man's painting ages, revealing his conscience to him.

Short Answer Questions

1. What magazine published "The Picture of Dorian Gray"?

2. How did Oscar Wilde alienate people?

3. How did prison affect Oscar Wilde's view of human nature?

4. How much did Oscar Wilde earn from the production of "Lady Windermere's Fan"?

5. Who brings Oscar Wilde out of his artistic doldrums after he is released from Reading jail?

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