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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Oscar Wilde make money during his courtship of his wife?
(a) Ticket sales from the production of Vera.
(b) Book sales.
(c) Ticket sales from the production of The Duchess of Padua.
(d) Lectures.

2. What happens when Oscar Wilde tries to have his first play produced in America?
(a) It was received very well.
(b) Nothing came of his attempts.
(c) The play was panned by critics.
(d) The production did not get all the support it needed.

3. What is the setting of Oscar Wilde's first play?
(a) Contemporary London.
(b) Montparnasse, Paris.
(c) Berlin.
(d) Czarist Russia.

4. Who is Oscar Wilde's primary love interest at Oxford?
(a) Jane Thompson.
(b) Florence Balcombe.
(c) Eva Fidelia.
(d) Speranza Francesca.

5. Who cables Oscar Wilde with an invitation to lecture?
(a) Richard D'Oyly.
(b) Walt Whitman.
(c) James McNeill Whistler.
(d) President Garfield.

6. Why does Oscar Wilde linger in America after he completes his lectures?
(a) To pursue his interests in the theatre.
(b) To revise his lectures and write new material.
(c) To stay with a lover.
(d) To visit with one of his mentors who had moved to America.

7. Why is Oscar Wilde's first play not produced?
(a) Because the producers ran out of money.
(b) Because Oscar Wilde withdrew it under political pressure.
(c) Because it dramatized an assassination attempt.
(d) Because Oscar Wilde's enemies poisoned the backers against him.

8. When does Oscar Wilde graduate from Oxford?
(a) 1877.
(b) 1876.
(c) 1891.
(d) 1878.

9. How does Oscar Wilde achieve fame?
(a) As the son of a rich and famous mother.
(b) As a personality, through conversation with James McNeill Whistler.
(c) As a playwright, with his first play.
(d) As an art critic, through his writing in the London art papers.

10. With whom does Oscar Wilde move in when he goes to Paris?
(a) Rennell Rodd.
(b) Archibald Forbes.
(c) Robert Harborough Sherard.
(d) Marie Prescott.

11. Who is Lillie Langtry?
(a) Oscar Wilde's mother's friend.
(b) Oscar Wilde's good friend.
(c) Oscar Wilde's boss' wife.
(d) Oscar Wilde's roommate's girlfriend.

12. What was Oscar Wilde interested in in school?
(a) Greek culture.
(b) Medicine.
(c) Religion.
(d) Mechanical engineering.

13. What did Oscar Wilde say the secret of life was at the end of his first American lecture?
(a) Progress.
(b) Prosperity.
(c) Art.
(d) Ethics.

14. How does Robert Harborough Sherard's impression of Oscar Wilde change once he gets to know him?
(a) He realized that Wilde was an impostor and a poser.
(b) He came to appreciate his talents.
(c) He began to be scandalized by his views.
(d) He began to loathe him for his wit.

15. What state are Oscar Wilde and his wife's finances in when they marry?
(a) They were in debt because of Wilde's extravagant expenses.
(b) They were poor because of the bankruptcy of Wilde's wife's father.
(c) They were wealthy with a bequest from Wilde's mother.
(d) They were looking forward to making a fortune in investments.

Short Answer Questions

1. Oscar Wilde's mother was a strong supporter of which political cause?

2. How well had Oscar Wilde's studies prepared him for Oxford?

3. What was Oscar Wilde's primary challenge in his fourth year at Oxford?

4. What does Oscar Wilde's mother change her name to?

5. Oscar Wilde's debates with James McNeill Whistler are included in which of Wilde's works?

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