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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What was Oscar Wilde studying for in the spring of 1876?
(a) Honor Moderations.
(b) His divinity exams.
(c) Engineering exams.
(d) Qualifying exams.

2. Why did Oscar Wilde need a special dispensation to join the group he joined in 1875?
(a) He was Catholic.
(b) He was under twenty-one.
(c) He was Protestant.
(d) He was Irish.

3. What is the name of the journal in which Oscar Wilde published a poem about a boy?
(a) London Times.
(b) Kattabos.
(c) Oxford Review.
(d) Dublin University Magazine.

4. How did Oscar Wilde feel about his dialogue with William Butler Yeats?
(a) Impressed with the nature of life and art.
(b) Depressed about the prospect of getting old.
(c) Repulsed by the presence of myth in literature.
(d) Satisfied with the decay of art and culture.

5. How does Oscar Wilde spend money?
(a) Carelessly.
(b) Parsimoniously.
(c) Lavishly.
(d) Conservatively.

6. What is Robert Harborough Sherard's first impression of Oscar Wilde?
(a) He thought Wilde was an impostor.
(b) He fell in love with Wilde.
(c) He was scandalized by Wilde's views.
(d) He was awed by Wilde's wit and intelligence.

7. How did Oscar Wilde do on the School's Examinations in 1878?
(a) He only passed the divinity exams.
(b) He took first place.
(c) He did not pass.
(d) He took second place.

8. When does Oscar Wilde graduate from Oxford?
(a) 1877.
(b) 1878.
(c) 1876.
(d) 1891.

9. What does Oscar Wilde's mother change her name to?
(a) Roberta Montagna.
(b) Lisbeth Horten.
(c) Jessica Linde.
(d) Speranza Francesca.

10. With which American writer does Oscar Wilde meet in Philadelphia while he is making his first set of American lectures?
(a) Margaret Fuller.
(b) Walt Whitman.
(c) Nathaniel Hawthorne.
(d) Ralph Waldo Emerson.

11. What is the setting of Oscar Wilde's first play?
(a) Berlin.
(b) Czarist Russia.
(c) Montparnasse, Paris.
(d) Contemporary London.

12. How did Oscar Wilde handle the disruption of his Harvard lecture?
(a) He broke up the fight and resolved the quarrel.
(b) He outwitted the students by stealing the points they were lampooning him for.
(c) He took off his jacket to cover the streaker's nakedness.
(d) He faced the crowd down with a cane as a weapon.

13. Who is Archibald Forbes?
(a) Oscar Wilde's agent.
(b) One of Oscar Wilde's lovers.
(c) An American art critic.
(d) A war journalist.

14. What profession does Oscar Wilde give up in order to supplement his wife's income?
(a) Playwriting.
(b) Journalism.
(c) Lecturing.
(d) Poetry.

15. Which item is part of each course during the dinner Oscar Wilde has in Leadville, Colorado?
(a) Wine.
(b) Partridges.
(c) Cheddar cheese.
(d) Whiskey.

Short Answer Questions

1. What religion is Oscar Wilde first baptized into?

2. Why does Oscar Wilde go to Paris?

3. Oscar Wilde's debates with James McNeill Whistler are included in which of Wilde's works?

4. What magazine does Oscar Wilde publish in from 1887 to 1888?

5. When does Oscar Wilde finish "The Duchess of Padua"?

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