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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 15, A Late Victorian Love Affair.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What belief does Pater lead Oscar Wilde to?
(a) Work can set you free.
(b) Art can improve society.
(c) Man can govern himself.
(d) Art can transcend reality.

2. What does Oscar Wilde do at Marie Prescott's request?
(a) He moved to Paris.
(b) He returned to England.
(c) He added a part for her in "The Duchess of Padua."
(d) He rewrote "Vera."

3. How does Oscar Wilde resolve the opposition between Ruskin and Pater?
(a) He resolved to remain neutral.
(b) He sided with Pater.
(c) He synthesized a new aesthetic ethics.
(d) He sided with Ruskin.

4. Where does Oscar Wilde give his first lecture in America?
(a) Buell Hall.
(b) Chickering Hall.
(c) Dickinson Hall.
(d) Broadway Theatre.

5. What happens when Oscar Wilde tries to have his first play produced in America?
(a) The play was panned by critics.
(b) The production did not get all the support it needed.
(c) It was received very well.
(d) Nothing came of his attempts.

Short Answer Questions

1. How did Oscar Wilde do on the School's Examinations in 1878?

2. When students disrupt one of Oscar Wilde's lectures, where does Oscar Wilde say the students have put their heads?

3. How does Robert Harborough Sherard's impression of Oscar Wilde change once he gets to know him?

4. What is the name of Oscar Wilde's first play?

5. What were the gate receipts for Oscar Wilde's first lecture in America?

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