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Lesson 1 (from Chapter 1, Toil of Growing Up)


Chapter 1, Toil of Growing Up

Oscar Wilde was the child of parents who advocated for the independence of Ireland. This lesson discusses Wilde's parents' political views and Wilde's career.


1. Small group discussion. Ask students to work together in small groups to characterize Wilde's parents' political views. What are the events and conflicts that shaped the politics of the day? What did it mean to want Irish independence? What were the other views people held? What kind of people were Wilde's parents, that they wanted independence instead of another solution to the Irish question?

2. Class discussion. What were Oscar Wilde's political views? Did he take a stand on the question of Irish independence himself? Did he resemble his parents in advocating for a particular issue?

3. Writing assignment. How did Wilde's parents' political views affect Wilde's views of art and aesthetics and ethics?

Homework: Write a short...

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