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Irish Independence

Ask students to debate the cause of Irish independence. Ask students whether their families have had any direct experience of the Troubles, and British/Irish tensions. What is at the heart of the opposition?

Epigrammatic Wit

Read some of Wilde's epigrams and ask students to write their own epigrammatic or aphoristic sayings.

Civilized Contention

Ask students to argue a hot-button issue in the most civilized and yet most biting way they can. See if they can turn disagreement into an art form and a way of revealing their individualities.

Adaptations of Wilde's Plays

Watch "An Ideal Husband" or "The Importance of Being Earnest." How well do the films convey Wilde's wit and his values?

Dramatize a Play

Select one of Oscar Wilde's plays to dramatize. Ask students to take parts and read a few scenes. Read them again a second or third time to get the...

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