Oscar Wilde Character Descriptions

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Oscar Wilde - This person is a famous and accomplished Irish playwright, poet, novelist, critic, and lecturer.

Lady Wilde - This is the writer's mother, who is instrumental in the rise of his fame.

Walter Pater - A friend of the writer's from Oxford who writes influential books about aestheticism, this individual influences the writer until he takes his own way with ideas.

John Ruskin - This person is an Oxford friend to the focus of this book who writes about the need for discipline.

Sir William Wilde - This person is the writer's father, central to the writer's staying Protestant while he considers conversion to Catholicism.

Florence Balcombe - An early romantic interest for the writer, this person married Bram Stoker.

James McNeill Whistler - This individual is an artist friend of the writer's who takes more than he gives, if anything, and becomes an enemy...

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