Oscar and Lucinda Fun Activities

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Character Charades

Working in teams of two, act out a character's identity without using any words.

Poem for Lucinda

Write a poem from Oscar to Lucinda, using any style your prefer.

Let's Be Honest

Lucinda and Oscar never have a frank discussion about their love for each other and thus miss the opportunity for happiness. Choose a passage in which Oscar and Lucinda have an opportunity to tell each other how they feel, but don't. Write new dialogue that allows them to speak honestly about their feelings. What would they say? How would they get over the awkwardness of the moment? Select two students to read your new dialogue in front of the class.

Acrostic Verse

Using the title OSCAR AND LUCINDA, create an acrostic puzzle with words that define or describe the novel.

Word Scrambler

Mix up 10 words from OSCAR AND LUCINDA, such as character names, location...

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