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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Section 12 (pages 281-329).

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What role does Jimmy establish himself as when he is a student at HelthWyzer?
(a) Class brain.
(b) Valedictorian.
(c) Class clown.
(d) Teacher's pet.

2. What is the focus of Jimmy's school?
(a) Visual arts.
(b) Digital art.
(c) Performing arts.
(d) Creative writing.

3. What is Jimmy majoring in?
(a) History of modern dance.
(b) Problematics.
(c) Genography.
(d) Writing.

4. What is discouraged at Crake's school?
(a) Pair-bonding.
(b) Formality.
(c) Individualism.
(d) Independence.

5. What name does Crake use to introduce Jimmy to his classmates?
(a) The neurotypical.
(b) Thickney.
(c) The brother.
(d) The skeptic.

Short Answer Questions

1. When Snowman is on the rampart, how is the weather?

2. How does Crake die?

3. When do people in Crake's dome die?

4. What is the name of Jimmy's first roommate?

5. How does Crake's father die?

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