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Short Answer Questions

1. How does Chesterton define tradition in political terms?

2. Who is Mr. Street?

3. What does Chesterton think is the only cure for madness?

4. What does Chesterton assume as common ground between him and any reader?

5. What document does Chesterton refer to by the word "orthodoxy"?

Short Essay Questions

1. Considering the fact that elf land is more rational than the scientific world is, why does Chesterton say that magic flourishes in elf land?

2. The second problem with modern thought is that it is intellectually weak and helpless. What does Chesterton mean by this idea? How is it manifested in everyday life, much less intellectual circles?

3. In Chapter I, Introduction in Defense of Everything Else, Chesterton states that he hates the defense of something that cannot be proved or disproved. How is this important for the rest of the book?

4. Materialistic fatalism has been credited with being merciful, though Chesterton says this is far from the truth. Why can fatalism not be merciful?

5. Why does Chesterton's second notion of fairyland entail praise?

6. The only authority for Chesterton's argument is the Apostles' Creed. Is this more or less effective than appealing to the Bible as the sole authority?

7. Humility is chiefly understood chiefly as a restraint on a man's arrogance and boasting. What is Chesterton's argument concerning humility? What example does he give to illustrate a humble view of the world?

8. Materialism is a much narrower belief than Christianity, in fact, more than any religion. What reasons does Chesterton give for this? How does it relate to the discussion of madness and sanity?

9. What role does Mr. G. S. Street play in the book?

10. Chesterton assumes that he and his reader will share the common ground of agreeing that an interesting, active life is preferable to simple existence. Is this a fair starting point? Why or why not?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Why does God exult in what appears to humans as monotony? Does this lead to a sense of infancy or dullness misunderstood? What is Chesterton's reaction to this perception of God?

Essay Topic 2

What is the mindset of the madman? How does it differ from a sane man and how is it similar to a materialist? What is Chesterton's answer to this mindset? Does this answer take into account all aspects of the mindset?

Essay Topic 3

What are the differences between man and animal? Why does Chesterton assert these differences? How does his conclusion differ from those of the pagan thinkers?

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