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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter VIII: The Romance of Orthodoxy.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. According to Chesterton, what is the only thing a poet desires?
(a) An understanding of the heavens.
(b) The ability to cross the infinite sea.
(c) A world to stretch out in.
(d) A raft to float on.

2. According to Chesterton, what is too big an undertaking for a book even of a larger scope?
(a) Explaining the intricacies of Christianity.
(b) Proving the Christianity is true.
(c) Proving from every angle that any one faith is true.
(d) Proving that materialism is an insufficient worldview.

3. Chesterton names four standards by which people try to establish the ideals of equality and inequality. What is the first?
(a) The passage of time.
(b) Persuasive thinking, similar to Nietzsche's.
(c) The progression of creatures through evolution.
(d) God-given authority.

4. Chesterton boils democracy down to one ideal. What is this?
(a) Only a man can rule himself.
(b) Man's ability to rule himself extends only to the limit that he does not violate cultural mores.
(c) The most important things must be done by individuals.
(d) Individual beliefs take precedence over societal concerns.

5. What does Chesterton say is the quintessence of will?
(a) That it is particular.
(b) That it is an action of freedom.
(c) That it has knowable consequences.
(d) That it is individual.

Short Answer Questions

1. In determining his criteria for progress, what does Chesterton discover?

2. According to Chesterton, what keeps a man sane?

3. How does Chesterton end Chapter One?

4. What is the title of Chapter I?

5. What conclusion does the complete skeptic eventually reach?

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