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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter VI: The Paradoxes of Christianity.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why, earlier in Chapter One, does Chesterton tell the story of the sailor?
(a) To explain his picture of God.
(b) He is that sailor.
(c) The sailor will appear throughout the book.
(d) To illustrate his idea of wonder.

2. Why does Chesterton say that the Christian virtues have become crazy?
(a) They are isolated from all other virtues.
(b) They are not truly Christian.
(c) They are practiced in the wrong contexts.
(d) They are separate from the Bible.

3. What taunt does Swinburne hurl about the Galilean, Christ?
(a) His heart cannot soften the world.
(b) His gaze makes men's hearts quiver in fear.
(c) His salvation is not sufficient for all of humanity.
(d) His breath turns the world gray.

4. Why, according to Christianity, can passions be free?
(a) Because a believer's conscience keeps him from extreme passions.
(b) Because they are kept in their proper places.
(c) Because their consequences will not come until the afterlife.
(d) Because they are monitored by the church.

5. Why does Chesterton call suicide the greatest sin?
(a) Because, in the eyes of one man, it kills the whole world.
(b) Because it cuts off the future.
(c) Because it takes a life God had given.
(d) Because man is acting like God.

Short Answer Questions

1. What document does Chesterton refer to by the word "orthodoxy"?

2. How does Chesterton want joy and anger to interact?

3. How does Chesterton end Chapter One?

4. What does Chesterton not mean by the word "orthodoxy"?

5. What problem, according to Chesterton, is the central issue in the book?

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