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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter III: The Suicide of Thought.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. According to Chesterton in Chapter Two, what is comparable to curing a madman?
(a) Shifting the foundations of the sea.
(b) Tilting the earth on its axis.
(c) Arguing with a learned philosopher.
(d) Casting out a demon.

2. What does Chesterton say concerning the boundaries of the will?
(a) The will is limiting to the man.
(b) The will frees a man.
(c) The will defines a man's actions fully.
(d) The will has boundaries only if it is not a free action.

3. According to Chesterton, when is a disease beautiful?
(a) When the disease is gone.
(b) When it is someone else's disease.
(c) When it brings conversion to the invalid.
(d) When it reveals the invalid's soul.

4. Why does Chesterton call the cross "the symbol at once of mystery and of health?" (Chesterton 2000, pg. 188).
(a) It does not represent the closed system of Eastern thought.
(b) Its shocking history draws believers in.
(c) Its arms extend throughout the whole world.
(d) Its power contradicts its history.

5. In Chapter III, The Suicide of Thought, what is the problem with modern philosophers?
(a) They are intellectually lazy.
(b) They cannot find the answer.
(c) They have no hope of finding the answer.
(d) They cannot see the riddle.

Short Answer Questions

1. What widespread mistake about mystical imagination does Chesterton want to erase?

2. What does Chesterton think is the only cure for madness?

3. In Chapter III, The Suicide of Thought, how does a test of happiness compare to a test of the will?

4. In Chesterton's story about the sailor, what mistake does the man make?

5. What does Chesterton label as the second problem of modern intellectualism?

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