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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter II: The Maniac.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What thing does Chesterton despise more than anything else?
(a) An illogical argument.
(b) The creativity of desperation.
(c) A blatant lie.
(d) Pure sophistry.

2. Who does Chesterton name as the only great English poet to go mad?
(a) Poe.
(b) Dryden.
(c) Shakespeare.
(d) Cowper.

3. As revealed in Chapter Two, what is the secret of mysticism?
(a) Mysticism leads to God, who has the answers.
(b) Mysticism provides a lens for understanding the supernatural.
(c) A man can understand life through things he does not understand.
(d) A man can try to understand life through the supernatural.

4. What does Chesterton think is the only cure for madness?
(a) Not thinking.
(b) Shock therapy.
(c) Being isolated.
(d) Not feeling.

5. How does Chesterton feel about the book Orthodoxy once it is completed?
(a) He is very proud of it.
(b) He wants to write a sequel.
(c) He would never read it.
(d) It is not perfect but he's happy.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why, according to Chesterton, can a madman never understand simple, careless acts?

2. Why does Chesterton call the cross "the symbol at once of mystery and of health?" (Chesterton 2000, pg. 188).

3. What problem, according to Chesterton, is the central issue in the book?

4. As the reader can infer from the beginning of Chapter Two, what is Hanwell?

5. Chesterton says that this common ground is mostly found among what group of readers?

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