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Chapter I: Introduction in Defence of Everything Else

1. What is the title of Chapter I?
(a) The Romance of Orthodoxy.
(b) Introduction and Seduction of Thought.
(c) The Paradoxes of Christianity and Everything Else.
(d) Introduction in Defense of Everything Else.

2. According to Chesterton at the beginning of the first chapter, why did he write the book?
(a) Because he had a well-crafted argument for Christianity.
(b) In response to a challenge.
(c) Because he had to work through his religious beliefs.
(d) As a personal challenge to himself.

3. Who is Mr. Street?
(a) A character in one of Chesterton's tales.
(b) A philosopher who probably opposes Chesterton.
(c) The man most affected by the book.
(d) A journalist who first reviewed the book Orthodoxy.

4. Why does Chesterton not claim this new-found philosophy as his own?
(a) It is a way of living rather than a philosophy.
(b) He did not really find or invent it.
(c) He is too modest to claim his own work.
(d) It belongs to God and humanity.

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