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Lesson 1

Objective: Chapter I, Introduction in Defense of Everything Else, explains the story behind the book Orthodoxy, which is Chesterton's argument for Christianity. Chesterton makes a variety of arguments but structures them according to his own preferences rather than a careful method. Since it is important in any book to understand the author's style, this lesson plan will focus on understanding Chesterton's writing style as portrayed in the first chapter.

1) 1.Critical Reading. Chesterton's writing style is based on the thoughts he had in the order he had them, rather than a methodically planned argument. Where does he explain this style? What reasons does he give for it? What styles or techniques do you think might reappear later in the book?

2.Pairs Discussion. With a partner, discuss how you understood the chapter. What words or phrases does Chesterton use frequently? What reader would be drawn to his writing style...

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