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Essay Topic 1

According to Chesterton, what happens when men deny their inherent sinfulness? What are the philosophical and theological repercussions? How does this belief separate men from each other?

Essay Topic 2

Compile the examples Chesterton gives from Bernard Shaw's writings and speeches. What kind of thinker is Shaw? How does he differ from Chesterton? How is he similar?

Essay Topic 3

Why is solemnity more natural to man than laughter is? How is this related to Chesterton's claim that man is fundamentally joyful?

Essay Topic 4

Why does Chesterton say that progress must have a fixed goal? What happens if the goal changes? How is this question related to the ideas of reform versus evolution?

Essay Topic 5

What are the differences between man and animal? Why does Chesterton assert these differences? How does his conclusion differ from those of the pagan thinkers?

Essay Topic 6

If life is to be a...

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