Orthodoxy Character Descriptions

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Joan of Arc - This person was a Christian saint who Chesterton sees as embodying the good parts of the philosophies of Nietzsche and Tolstoy.

Christ - This person is the founder of Christianity and, according to his followers, is the Divine Son of God. In particular, he shows how to embody the paradox of embracing two competing passions without compromising either.

George Bernard Shaw - This English writer subscribed to the idea that the most important feature of man was his will and that actions are good by virtue of being willed.

Friedrich Nietzsche - This 19th century German philosopher argued that the only source of value in the world was the will. He admired the man that sought and achieved what he wanted, regardless of what that is.

H.G. Wells - This 19th century English author thought that scientific thought should be replaced by...

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