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Chapter I: Introduction in Defence of Everything Else

• The book was written after Mr. G. S. Street challenged Chesterton to defend his faith, rather than merely attacking the philosophies he found wrong.
• Chesterton asserts that there must be a common ground between him and his audience, which is the desire for a creative, dynamic life.
• Chesterton says that people should see the world both with wonder and with a feeling of being at home.
• Chesterton defines "orthodoxy" as the principles laid out in the Apostles' Creed.

Chapter II: The Maniac

• According to Chesterton, the men who believe in themselves will end up insane.
• Chesterton argues that poetry and mysticism keep men sane because they accept the incomprehensible, rather than trying to comprehend it like reason does.
• The madman's mind moves in a small, perfect circle, according to Chesterton's example.
• Chesterton also asserts that materialism is narrower than religion...

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