Objects & Places from Orphan Train

Christina Baker Kline
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Claddagh Cross

This item of jewelry was given to Vivian in Ireland. It's the only thing she's left with after her home and family burn in a fire.

Turtle Tattoo

Molly exchanged her virginity for this symbol of her people that represents strength and perseverance.

Jane Eyre

This is the book which Molly has stolen from the library, an act that has forced Molly into cleaning Vivian's attic as part of her punishment.

Possessions in the Attic

These symbolic items define Vivian's identity and herself by their existence. At the same time, they also represent the ways in which she's bound, held back, or confined by her past.

Anne of Green Gables

This classic children's book was given to Vivian by her teacher, Miss Larsen. Many decades later, Vivian gives the book to Molly.

Currant Bread

Miss Larsen and her class celebrate Vivian's birthday by giving her this...

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