Orphan Train Character Descriptions

Christina Baker Kline
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Molly Ayer

This protagonist of the novel is 17 years old and living in the foster care system. In the beginning of the story, she faces a sentence of 50 hours of community service which she fulfills by helping an elderly woman clean out her attic.

Niamh Power / Dorothy / Vivian Daly

This character in the novel is 91 years old. Born in Ireland, she became orphaned after her family moved to America and subsequently died in a tenement fire.

Dina and Ralph

These characters are the foster parents of the novel's protagonist. They are portrayed as petty, vindictive, weak-willed, and hypocritical.

Jack and Terry

These characters are the protagonist's boyfriend and his mother. It is through these characters that the protagonist is led to her community service job cleaning the attic of an elderly woman.

Mr. and Mrs. Schatzman

These characters adopt a young Irish orphan in New York City. They resent...

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