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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Welldon say he could cheat the widow?
(a) By having Lucy marry her son.
(b) By marrying her for her money.
(c) By marrying her daughter.
(d) By striking a business deal with her.

2. Whom do we learn owns several plantations in Act I, Scene I?
(a) Stanmore.
(b) Welldon.
(c) Lucy.
(d) Widow Lackitt.

3. What is Oroonoko's status?
(a) A normal man.
(b) A prince's servant.
(c) A king.
(d) A prince.

4. What is Lucy's reaction to marriage with the Captain?
(a) She is nonchalant.
(b) She refuses.
(c) She accepts.
(d) She is hesitant.

5. Who is the Royal Slave whom Stanmore mentions near the end of Act II, Scene II?
(a) King of Angola.
(b) Clemene.
(c) Imoinda.
(d) Oroonoko.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who is the first character we are introduced to in the beginning of the play?

2. Who says "I am quite tir'd of setting up for a Husband" in Act II, Scene I?

3. What relationship are Lucy and Welldon pretending to have in the first scene of the play?

4. In Act II Scene II, who is the first speaker?

5. Who says: "My heart drops blood for him" in Act I, Scene II?

Short Essay Questions

1. In Act I, Scene I, what does Stanmore offer to Welldon and why?

2. Who speaks the line "hear you, but I can believe no more" in Act I, Scene II. What does it mean?

3. For what purpose has the governor sent Stanmore to summon Blanford and Oroonoko?

4. How is Widow Lackitt's interest in Welldon shown (list 5 examples) and what does it foreshadow?

5. At the beginning of Act I, Scene II, what are the Governor and Blanford discussing and what might this foreshadow?

6. Take the following line: "Were not you an ill-natur'd thing to boggle at a Promise? I cou'd break twenty for you" in Act II, Scene I. Who is speaking and to whom? What is it in reference to and what do these words tell us about the speaker?

7. Describe the interaction and relationship between the governor and his mistress at the beginning of Act II, Scene III.

8. Describe the interaction between Lucy and Daniel, and Daniel's attitude towards marrying her.

9. In Act I, Scene II, what is Widow Lackitt complaining of, to whom, and why?

10. How does Blanford defend Clemene? What does this show us about him?

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