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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 5.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where does the king send Orlando after his affair with Sasha ends?
(a) Israel.
(b) Italy.
(c) Turkey.
(d) His country estate.

2. What does the captain of the ship give to Orlando that makes her become emotional?
(a) A piece of bread.
(b) A slice of meat.
(c) An apple.
(d) A grape.

3. What kind of peasant woman does Orlando think one of his ancestors in the Crusades could have had an affair with?
(a) Egyptian.
(b) English.
(c) Circassian.
(d) African.

4. What does Orlando take to leave Turkey?
(a) A horse.
(b) A merchant ship.
(c) A car.
(d) A train.

5. When Orlando finish his first self-enforced seclusion, how does seem compared to earlier?
(a) Sadder.
(b) The same.
(c) Smarter.
(d) More inspired.

Short Answer Questions

1. What gift does the archduke give Orlando after saving her from a group of tormenting commoners?

2. What does Orlando discover about himself when he wakes up in Turkey?

3. What is Shelmerdine's profession?

4. What do Shelmerdine and Orlando decide they want to do just after meeting for the first time?

5. Who claims she saw Orlando lifting a peasant woman into his room the night after his banquet?

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