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Short Answer Questions

1. How old is Father Joaquim Bena described as being in Chapter 65?

2. What does "castigo divino" translate to in English?

3. How much money was deposited into Avila's bank account as an advance on his first mission?

4. How did Edmond Kirsch's father die?

5. What is referred to as Spain's national newspaper in the novel?

Short Essay Questions

1. What statemend does Monica Martin make that endangers Langdon? Why?

2. What is revealed of Winston's self-portrait in Chapter 80?

3. What is the important clue that Langdon finds in Kirsch's home?

4. Why is Father Joaquim Bena in possession of Kirsch's book?

5. How did Avila become involved in the plot of killing Kirsch?

6. Where does Langdon instruct the helicopter pilot to fly in Chapter 80? Why?

7. How did Edmond Kirsch's mother die?

8. What does "E-WAVE" refer to in the novel?

9. Why do Ambra and Langdon lose contact with Winston? How do they regain contact?

10. What are Langdon and Ambra searching for in Kirsch's home when they arrive in Chapter 53?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Describe and discuss three examples of symbolism in Origin. Why does the author illustrate some of the symbols in the narrative? How does Langdon interpret the symbols that he encounters? What symbol is the most significant to you? Why?

Essay Topic 2

Analyze and discuss the character of Admiral Luis Ávila. Is this character a protagonist or antagonist? What motivates Ávila to his actions in the story? How does Ávila die?

Essay Topic 3

Describe the history of the Palmarian Catholic Church. Why does this church factor into the plot of Origin? When and where did this sect emerge? What is the status of the church today?

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