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Symbol for Franco

This appears on the palm of Ávila’s hand and represents tyranny.

Winston’s Self-Portrait

This object in the novel is revealed to be a map.

Rosary Beads

This object is used to hide two short-range bullets, one of which is used to murder Kirsch.


This object is used in the murder of Köves and represents death.


This object belonging to Kirsch represents the future of technology in transportation.

E-Wave Computer

This object represents God in the novel. It was used in the creation of Winston.

Book of William Blake’s Poetry

This object in the novel leads Langdon and Ambra to the discovery of Kirsch's computer password. It represents the conflict between the church and science.

Tandy TRS-80

This object, used to initiate Kirsch's presentation, represents nostalgia.

Bottle of Morphine

This object in the novel represents redemption. It is used in...

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