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Short Answer Questions

1. Who coined the phrase "les bourgeois conquerants"?

2. When did the Church Council of Vienne establish a series of chairs in "Arabic, Greek, Heber, and Syriac at Paris, Oxford, Bologna, Avignon, and Salamanca" (50)?

3. When was Volney's Considerations sur la Guerre Actuel de Turcs written?

4. Who is cited as having said in 1881, "When you have got a ... faithful ally who is bent on meddling in a country in which you are deeply interested--you have three courses open to you" (41)?

5. Who "were able intelligibly to reveal the extraordinary riches of Avestan and Sanskrit," according to the author in Chapter 1 (51)?

Short Essay Questions

1. How was Islam perceived by the Orientalists over time, according to the author Chapter 1: The Scope of Orientalism, Part II: Imaginative Geography and Its Representations: Orientalizing the Oriental?

2. When was the height of British colonialism? What areas were occupied by Britain?

3. What was The Citizen of the World and who was its author?

4. Who was Ferdinand de Lesseps and how did he contribute to Orientalism?

5. How did perceptions of the Orient differ between the Renaissance and the eighteenth century?

6. Who was Anwar Abdel-Malek? What were his contributions to the study of the Orient?

7. What are the two traits that the author describes Orientalism carrying forward from the outset in Chapter 1: The Scope of Orientalism, Part IV: Crisis?

8. When did the Council of Vienne take place? What was its impact on Orientalism?

9. What were Silvestre de Sacy's contributions to Orientalism?

10. What works did Friedrich Schlegel produce? What was his association with Orientalism?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

What are the four elements that define the institutional and intellectual foundations upon which Orientalism depend, according to author Edward Said? How are each of these elements defined? What are examples of these elements in history?

Essay Topic 2

In what ways did Barthelemy d'Herbelot expand knowledge of Islam in the West? Upon what different areas were d'Herbelot's ideas and studies based? What two periods did d'Herbelot divide history? What are the two types of history as defined by d'Herbelot?

Essay Topic 3

What is the significance of Julius von Mohl's work in Orientalism? With whom did Mohl study? What did Mohl teach at the College de France? What were his major written works?

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