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This African country was occupied by Great Britain from 1882 until gaining independence in 1922. Self-rule was not realized until 1952.

The Occident

This term refers to the Western World. Culture in the modern era has been influenced by the Renaissance, Protestant Reformation, imperialism, and colonialism.

The Orient

This region, according to the British, covers a span from China to the Mediterranean and encompasses languages including Sanskrit, Zen, and Arabic.


This country was ruled by the British under Colonial Rule from 1858 until 1918.


This European country was home to many of the Orientalists discussed in the book. While not a colonial power in the East, they would have liked to have been.

The United States

This country is where the study of Orientalism eventually became centered and dispersed in different area studies.


This term from the book refers to the policy of extending a country's power and influence...

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