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Short Answer Questions

1. How does Beth behave toward Conrad when she returns from the trip?

2. What word best describes Jeanine's behavior after her parents got divorced?

3. What place does Cal get in his golf tournament?

4. What does Cal find that he wants to do after thinking about his mentor?

5. What kind of event does Conrad attend with former team mates in chapter 22?

Short Essay Questions

1. In chapter 19, Cal realizes why he is so worried about Conrad. What does he realize?

2. Why is Jeanine upset about her mom's guest?

3. Why does Beth behave the way she does at dinner in chapter 29?

4. Why does Conrad confront Cal about in chapter 31?

5. When Cal and Beth are in Texas, why doesn't Beth discuss Conrad with her family?

6. Why will Beth never forgive Conrad?

7. Why does Conrad want to call Karen?

8. When and why did Arnold stop mentoring Cal?

9. What is Conrad's reaction to Beth's behavior at dinner in chapter 29?

10. Why is Cal surprised that Ray knows about his family's problems?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Compare the relationship Cal and Beth have in the beginning of the novel with the relationship they have at the end. How does it change? How does it stay the same?

Essay Topic 2

Many of the characters in "Ordinary People" feel guilty. For example, Conrad feels guilty over the death of his brother, Jordan. How is guilt one of the major themes in the novel? What characters experience guilt and why?

Essay Topic 3

Throughout the novel, the focal point changes back and forth from Conrad to Cal. Why does Judith Guest switch back and forth between the two characters? Is this an effective technique used to tell the story?

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