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Short Answer Questions

1. Which word best describes Conrad's therapist?

2. What do Cal and Conrad buy in chapter 13?

3. In chapter 14, how does Conrad feel about what he said to Beth?

4. Where do Beth and Cal go together in chapter 8?

5. Why doesn't Conrad tell Cal about quitting the team?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why does Conrad have trouble sleeping after his pop quiz in trigonometry class?

2. What causes Conrad to have his first pleasant memory about Jordan?

3. When Beth and Cal attend a dinner party in chapter 8, what does Beth get angry about?

4. In chapter 6, what do Cal and Beth fight about?

5. Why does Cal want to get Conrad a car for Christmas?

6. Describe Conrad's first appointment with Dr. Berger.

7. Why does Cal want to see Dr. Berger in chapter 17?

8. Describe Conrad's meeting with Karen.

9. In chapter 14, what does Dr. Berger suggest the real problem is?

10. What does Conrad prove by making an appointment with Dr. Berger?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Cal and Conrad grow progressively closer throughout the novel. What are the steps in the development of their relationship? What is their relationship like at the end of the novel and why?

Essay Topic 2

Compare the relationship Cal and Beth have in the beginning of the novel with the relationship they have at the end. How does it change? How does it stay the same?

Essay Topic 3

How is Conrad introduced? What elements does the author use to make Conrad seem realistic and likable?

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