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William Kent Krueger
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Frank feel about Ruth's sudden departure from the family home?
(a) He empathizes with Ruth because he too feels like abandoning the family for a while.
(b) He is angry with Ruth because he feels she is acting like she is the only one who has experienced a loss.
(c) He feels sorry for Nathan because he knows that Nathan will struggle without Ruth's support.
(d) He loses hope that anyone in the family will be able to heal once Ruth is gone.

2. What does Ruth tell Frank about God when they go on a walk to the river together?
(a) She tells him that God must not be merciful since He let her only daughter be killed.
(b) She tells him that there is no God.
(c) She tells him that God wants people to suffer so they can get stronger.
(d) She tells him that his faith in God is going to be the only thing that helps them combat their grief.

3. What secret does Karl share with Nathan that he has never told anyone else?
(a) That his father is illiterate.
(b) That Ariel was his first girlfriend.
(c) That he is gay.
(d) That he has a twin brother.

4. What is Warren Redstone's explanation for his possession of Ariel's piece of jewelry?
(a) He says Ariel gave it to Danny.
(b) He says he found it on the street outside the O'Keefes' house.
(c) He says he found it upriver.
(d) He says he bought it from the pawnshop.

5. What is the only emotion Jake seems to exhibit following the news that Ariel is dead?
(a) Sadness.
(b) Anger.
(c) Shame.
(d) Manic hyperactivity.

6. What evidence of Warren Redstone's guilt do the police find when they search the O'Keefes' basement where he has been staying?
(a) None.
(b) A note from Ariel to Warren Redstone.
(c) A spot of blood on the carpet.
(d) A strand of Ariel's hair.

7. To whom does Nathan run off to speak while Frank and Jake are getting ready for Ariel's visitation service?
(a) Lise.
(b) Emil.
(c) Axel.
(d) Karl.

8. What does Ruth do while Nathan is at the funeral home making the arrangements for Ariel's funeral service?
(a) She sits at the kitchen table, writing Ariel's eulogy.
(b) She sits on the porch in her housecoat and slippers, smoking cigarettes.
(c) She sits in the basement with all of the lights off.
(d) She sits in her bedroom and cries.

9. How long does Emil's and Ruth's performance of Ariel's chorale composition last?
(a) 48 minutes.
(b) 30 minutes.
(c) 12 minutes.
(d) 6 minutes.

10. What happens just before Ruth stands up from the kitchen table and announces she is leaving the family to go to her father's house to stay for a while?
(a) Nathan asks for salt.
(b) Jake asks for maple syrup.
(c) Franks asks for orange juice.
(d) Gus asks for ketchup.

11. When Frank sees Officer Doyle at the drugstore, Officer Doyle tells Frank that Warren Redstone is still the number one suspect in Ariel's murder. Who does he say is the number two suspect?
(a) Karl.
(b) Danny.
(c) Morris Engdahl.
(d) Emil.

12. Why does Frank find it odd that upon his return to the house from Sibley Park, Ruth and Gus are sitting at the kitchen table together?
(a) Because Gus has never liked Ruth.
(b) Because Gus knows of Nathan's jealousy and thus avoids Ruth at all costs.
(c) Because Ruth knows of Nathan's jealousy and thus avoids Gus at all costs.
(d) Because Ruth has never liked Gus.

13. When Jake refers to the possible identity of Ariel's murderer, Frank realizes he has been in denial about the possibility of foul play in Ariel's death. Prior to this moment, what has Frank been thinking happened to Ariel?
(a) He has thought that she mistakenly fell into the river at the bonfire and Karl did not notice her absence.
(b) He has thought that she drank too much and drowned in the river after going swimming.
(c) He has thought that she climbed the train trestle and fell off of it into the river.
(d) He has thought that Ariel pitched her tent too close to the river and fell into the water during the night.

14. When Frank goes to tell Gus about Ruth's departure, where do Frank and Jake finally locate Gus?
(a) The barbershop.
(b) The bar.
(c) The drugstore.
(d) The liquor store.

15. When Karl apologizes to Nathan, for what transgression does he apologize?
(a) For having premarital sexual relations with Ariel.
(b) For not telling him about Ariel's affair with Emil.
(c) For not working harder to find Ariel's murderer.
(d) For not looking after Ariel more carefully the night of the bonfire.

Short Answer Questions

1. Jake asks Frank what they should do in order to deal with their grief and Frank says he has an idea but that Jake may not like it. What is Frank's idea?

2. What is Frank's reply when Jake asks what they should do about the news they have received about jail?

3. Which, if any, church service does Nathan insist on leading himself the Sunday following Ariel's death?

4. For what purpose does Nathan give Frank and Jake money when he goes to talk to Ruth?

5. What advice does Gus give to Frank and Jake when they ask for his help?

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