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William Kent Krueger
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapters 24-32.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When Frank sees Officer Doyle at the drugstore, Officer Doyle tells Frank that Warren Redstone is still the number one suspect in Ariel's murder. Who does he say is the number two suspect?
(a) Emil.
(b) Morris Engdahl.
(c) Danny.
(d) Karl.

2. What war experience does Travis Klement have?
(a) He was an army surgeon in the Korean War.
(b) He was a prisoner of war in World War II.
(c) He was a prisoner of war in North Korea.
(d) He was an army cook in the Korean War.

3. Why are Frank and Jake unable to play with Danny when they go to find him at the O'Keefes' house?
(a) He has gone to stay with relatives.
(b) His mother is afraid he will be attacked if he goes outside.
(c) He is ill.
(d) He is too sad to get out of bed.

4. What river flows through the town of New Bremen?
(a) The New Bremen River.
(b) The Minnesota River.
(c) The Snake River.
(d) The Jewel River.

5. Who gives Frank a ride home from the Brandt estate after telling him that the rich always get away with their crimes?
(a) Officer Doyle.
(b) Ruth.
(c) Mr. Halderson.
(d) Gus.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is Nathan's reaction when Gus asks if Nathan would like some company after Ruth has left in anger over his choice of reading material?

2. What is the spot of red that Frank observes in the river after Jake points it out?

3. What kind of animal does Officer Doyle blow up with the M-80 firecracker?

4. When Frank goes to tell Gus about Ruth's departure, where do Frank and Jake finally locate Gus?

5. Why does Frank feel concerned about his father's ability to give his next sermon?

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