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William Kent Krueger
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapters 24-32.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What do the police tell Frank when they call just before the boys are about to leave for Ariel's visitation service?
(a) That Gus is in jail for assaulting Officer Doyle.
(b) That Nathan is in jail for assaulting Ruth.
(c) That Morris Engdahl is in jail for assaulting Danny.
(d) That Morris Engdahl is in jail for attacking Emil.

2. Where do Frank and Jake always go after they are done with their grandfather's yard work?
(a) Edna Sweeney's house.
(b) Halderson's Drug Store.
(c) The railroad tracks.
(d) The river.

3. When Jake refers to the possible identity of Ariel's murderer, Frank realizes he has been in denial about the possibility of foul play in Ariel's death. Prior to this moment, what has Frank been thinking happened to Ariel?
(a) He has thought that she drank too much and drowned in the river after going swimming.
(b) He has thought that she mistakenly fell into the river at the bonfire and Karl did not notice her absence.
(c) He has thought that Ariel pitched her tent too close to the river and fell into the water during the night.
(d) He has thought that she climbed the train trestle and fell off of it into the river.

4. What two queries does Frank make of Karl during the ride in the Triumph?
(a) He asks if Karl loves his mother and if he thinks she will make a good mother-in-law for Ariel.
(b) He asks whether Karl wants to go to Hollywood someday and whether he wants to be a celebrity or not.
(c) He asks if Karl wants Ariel to attend Juilliard and what it is like to act in a play.
(d) He asks if Karl loves Ariel and if he intends to marry her.

5. How does Jake's suit shoulder get torn?
(a) He tears it while jumping over a fence.
(b) He tears it on purpose to avoid having to go to Bobby's funeral.
(c) Ariel tears it while trying to adjust Jake's suit.
(d) Frank tugs his sleeve to get him to hurry up.

Short Answer Questions

1. What word does Ruth instruct the family to use when talking about Skipper, the dead man the boys had found on the tracks?

2. For what purpose does Nathan give Frank and Jake money when he goes to talk to Ruth?

3. Why does Jake want Frank to answer people's questions about the incident with Emil instead of answering himself?

4. What object does Ruth want Frank to put on Axel's windshield?

5. When Warren Redstone asks Frank where his can of belongings is, what is Frank's reply?

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