Objects & Places from Ordinary Grace

William Kent Krueger
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Tire Iron

This object symbolizes vengeance. This is the weapon used by Jake to smash the lights on Morris's car after he is subjected to Morris' insults at the jail.

Train Tracks

These objects symbolize danger. These objects are associated with the location where Bobby Cole was killed. They are also associated with the place where Jake and Frank are forbidden to play by their parents. Finally, these object are associated with the location where the boys see Warren Redstone rummaging through the pockets of the dead man known as Skipper.

Jake's Stutter

This object symbolizes vulnerability. This is the affliction that Morris makes fun of at the jail at the start of the novel. When it is noticeably absent, there is always a particular significance to its presence.

Ariel's Scar

This object symbolizes lasting effects of trauma.This object is left over from the surgery Ariel underwent...

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