Ordinary Grace Multiple Choice Test Questions

William Kent Krueger
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Prologue & Chapters 1-8

1. How was Bobby Cole killed?
(a) He was run over by a speeding train.
(b) He was strangled.
(c) He drowned.
(d) He fell off a steep cliff.

2. In what month and year does the narrator's story begin?
(a) January of 1961.
(b) January of 1967.
(c) July of 1961.
(d) July of 1969.

3. What is the name that some people in town call Jake and that Frank calls him as well when he is angry?
(a) Mister Greenjeans.
(b) Charlie McCarthy.
(c) Lash LaRue.
(d) Howdy Doody.

4. What prompts Gus and Morris to be thrown in jail?
(a) They get caught gambling at a poker game.
(b) They rob the local liquor store.
(c) They get into a fistfight in the bar parking lot.
(d) They get caught drag racing.

5. Why do Frank and Jake walk home from the jail instead of riding in their father's car?
(a) Gus throws up in their father's backseat.
(b) Their father does not tell them why they have to walk home.
(c) Jake wants to go break out Morris' headlights before returning home.
(d) Frank wants to try peeping at their next door neighbor before returning home.

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