Ordinary Grace Fun Activities

William Kent Krueger
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Stage a Scene

Choose a scene from the novel and act it out.

Forensic Files

Research a famous murder case and find out how it was solved. Present your findings to the class.

Snapshot in Time

Find out more about the summer of 1961 in one of the following areas and present a piece from that time period to the class: music, literature, film, TV, or radio programs.

Paper Doll Creation

Choose a character whose clothing Krueger describes in detail, such as Ariel, Jake, Julia Brandt, or another character. Construct a paper doll out of cardboard and then create an outfit for this character out of paper, using Krueger's meticulous descriptions as your guide.

Imperfection Collage

Krueger makes a point of creating round characters, not one of whom is without flaws. This theme of imperfection runs throughout the narrative of the novel and is often used to demonstrate the...

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