Ordinary Grace Character Descriptions

William Kent Krueger
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Frank Drum

This character is the narrator of the novel, telling the story in first-person by looking back nearly 40 years to utilize his 13-year old perspective of the novel's events.

Jake Drum

This character is Frank's younger brother. He has a stutter, is somewhat more reluctant to get involved in mischief than is Frank This character is the only person Lise Brandt will allow near her, other than her brother, Emil. This character learned to speak American Sign Language so that he could communicate with Lise without her needing to read his lips. This character has a high capacity for empathy and is a strong communicator.

Ariel Drum

This character is the older sister of Frank and Jake Drum. She is the eldest child in the family and is a skilled musician, having won a scholarship to the prestigious arts school, Juilliard, in New York City. This character is...

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