Orchestra of Minorities Essay Topics & Writing Assignments

Chigozie Obioma
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Essay Topic 1

Chinonso threw two chickens off a bridge. Why did Chinonso throw the chickens off a bridge? How did he feel about his act later? How was his act an act of salvation and destruction?

Essay Topic 2

Chinonso’s parents died. How did Chinonso and his father grieve when his mother died? How did Chinonso grieve when his father died? How did grief affect their daily lives and how they interacted with others?

Essay Topic 3

Chinonso saw a very poor woman selling groundnuts. Why were there not many poor people before the white man came? How did the white man bring poverty to Nigeria?

Essay Topic 4

Chinonso had a great love for his birds. How did Ndali view the love that Chinonso had for his birds? How did the love she saw lead her to love Chinonso?

Essay Topic 5

Why did the chi think being able to...

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