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Anne Lamott
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What about Sam does Anne constantly worry about?
(a) His emotions
(b) His food
(c) His health
(d) His dexterity

2. What worry still seems to plague Anne?
(a) Sam's college fund
(b) Not having enough money
(c) Her mother's dementia
(d) Sam's lack of a father figure

3. What do Anne and Pammy fear?
(a) That Pammy will lose her faith
(b) That Pammy will not be around to watch Sam grow up
(c) That Anne will get the same thing Pammy has
(d) That Pammy will have to move to a warmer climate

4. What does Anne crave?
(a) Cocaine and alcohol
(b) Ice cream
(c) Nachos
(d) Chocolate

5. What does Anne wonder as she watches Sam crawl?
(a) If he will bump his head on a table
(b) What his future will hold
(c) If the floor is clean
(d) If he will be a good reader

Short Answer Questions

1. Anne recalls that her brother had to write a school report on what subject?

2. What does Anne contemplate continuing until Sam goes to kindergarten?

3. What kind of baby does Anne think Sam is?

4. What alternative form of treatment does Pammy try?

5. Why does Anne go to dinner with friends?

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