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Anne Lamott
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Given her past, Anne is in disbelief that ________________________________.
(a) She can stay clean and sober
(b) She can stay home every night
(c) She is not working all night
(d) She has been entrusted with the life of a child

2. What is the source of Anne's comfort during difficult times?
(a) Her mother
(b) Her faith in Jesus
(c) Her brother, Steve
(d) Her best friend, Pammy

3. What doe Anne long for?
(a) A husband or nanny
(b) A full night's sleep
(c) A new wardrobe
(d) Better health insurance

4. What fear begins to emerge for Anne where Sam is concerned?
(a) Anne is afraid of passing on bad genes
(b) Anne is afraid of losing her job
(c) Anne fears the world that Sam is destined to grow up in
(d) Anne is afraid of California earthquakes

5. What do Pammy and her husband struggle with?
(a) The mortgage
(b) Infertility
(c) The kids
(d) The in-laws

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Anne feel most of the time?

2. Anne resists the urge to eat ________________.

3. What does Anne think about Sam at this point?

4. Who does Anne call about her breastfeeding issues?

5. What is a major characteristic of Anne's writing style?

Short Essay Questions

1. Anne's thirty-sixth birthday and her deceased father's birthday complicate Anne's emotional state?

2. What treatments and coping mechanisms is Pammy using to fight her cancer?

3. What startling information does Anne receive about activities initiated by Sam's father?

4. How has Sam's birth affected Anne and the people in her life?

5. What does Anne mean by "just take it bird by bird?"

6. What are Anne's views on breastfeeding?

7. What does Anne finally admit is her biggest fear for her child?

8. What is revealed about Anne's addictive behavior?

9. How does Anne exhibit what she calls one of her worst personality traits?

10. What does Part 8 reveal about Anne's state of substance abuse recovery?

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