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Anne Lamott
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What disappointment still continues to haunt Anne?
(a) That she does not have a husband
(b) That she never lived in New York
(c) That she never learned how to sew
(d) That she never danced in the ballet

2. What happens when Anne reads a story about the death of a small child?
(a) She inspects all of Sam's food
(b) She will not let anyone else hold Sam
(c) She thinks something terrible is going to happen to Sam
(d) She will not take Sam outside

3. What does Anne begin to feed Sam?
(a) Apple juice
(b) Goat's milk
(c) Soy formula
(d) Water

4. What does Anne notice at this point in time?
(a) Her mother is coming over more frequently
(b) Her body has returned to her pre-pregnancy state
(c) Motherhood has become easier
(d) Sam is starting to talk

5. When is the initial diary entry made?
(a) On Sam's first birthday
(b) Three months after Sam's birth
(c) Three weeks before Sam's birth
(d) Three months prior to Sam's birth

Short Answer Questions

1. What is Anne's greatest fear about having a child?

2. Most of all, Anne hopes to do what for her son?

3. What is Anne's greatest fear about having a boy?

4. When an associate pastor from her church comes to help, what does he do to help Anne?

5. What is Anne doing when Sam laughs for the first time?

Short Essay Questions

1. Explain how Anne compares her life to experiences volunteering for the Special Olympics.

2. What is the symbolism of the touching fingers in the story to Anne's life in Part 11.

3. What is the nature of Anne's fears prior to giving birth?

4. How is Sam formally initiated into a church family?

5. What is Anne's biggest fear about having a boy?

6. What happens to calm Anne's angst about Sam not having a good male influence in his life?

7. How has Sam's arrival influenced Anne's relationship with her mother?

8. What startling event occurs when Anne and Sam are sleeping?

9. What are Anne's New Year's hopes for the future?

10. What are Anne's thoughts about her father during the Christmas holiday season?

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