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Anne Lamott
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is Anne trying to avoid with her coping mechanism?
(a) Post Partum Depression
(b) Illness
(c) Deep despair
(d) Ignoring Sam

2. Anne recalls that her brother had to write a school report on what subject?
(a) British royalty
(b) Thomas Edison
(c) Birds
(d) NASA

3. What does Anne contemplate continuing until Sam goes to kindergarten?
(a) Breastfeeding
(b) Sleeping with him
(c) Giving him finger foods
(d) Letting him have a pacifier

4. What is new about Sam's eating habits?
(a) He loves fruit smoothies
(b) He spits up everything
(c) He is drinking from a bottle
(d) He can eat solid foods

5. In what month are the entries for Part 11 written?
(a) May
(b) June
(c) August
(d) July

6. Who is Megan?
(a) Anne's editor
(b) Sam's babysitter
(c) Pammy's daughter
(d) Anne's writing student

7. Why does Anne go to dinner with friends?
(a) To do a food review
(b) To get out of the house
(c) To get adult conversation
(d) To drink

8. How has Sam changed the relationship between Anne and her mother?
(a) It is strained
(b) It is improved
(c) It is about the same
(d) There is no change

9. What quality of Pammy's would Anne miss the most if Pammy were gone?
(a) Gentleness
(b) High energy
(c) Kindness
(d) Humor

10. What can be determined by Anne in this chapter?
(a) She will always be in recovery for substance abuse
(b) She would give up Sam for a good man
(c) She is not cut out to be a mother
(d) She has no more addiction urges

11. Anne feels as if everything she owns is _____________.
(a) A gift
(b) Worn out
(c) Irreplaceable
(d) Second-hand

12. What does Anne realize about any relationships she will have in her life?
(a) Sam will probably not like any man she does
(b) Sam will always come first
(c) Sam will likely have an emotional stake in them too
(d) Sam will have to give approval of any man she dates

13. In what month are the diary entries for Part 7 written?
(a) February
(b) August
(c) December
(d) January

14. How old is Anne on her birthday this month?
(a) 32
(b) 39
(c) 36
(d) 27

15. What physical achievement has Sam reached?
(a) He is talking
(b) He can sit up by himself
(c) He is walking
(d) He is skipping

Short Answer Questions

1. What surprises Anne about Sam lately?

2. What worry still seems to plague Anne?

3. What does Anne tell Sam about one night as she nurses him?

4. Where does Sam seem to enjoy babbling and making noises?

5. What does Anne do to manage the news about Pammy?

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