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Anne Lamott
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Anne instinctively know about Pammy?
(a) She will succumb to her illness
(b) She will go into remission
(c) She will be cured
(d) She will battle the disease for a long time

2. What is Anne lacking the motivation to do?
(a) Lose weight
(b) Write
(c) Paint the living room
(d) Clean the bathroom

3. In what direction does Sam crawl?
(a) In circles
(b) Frontwards
(c) Backwards
(d) Sideways

4. What is the nature of the disease?
(a) Slow growing
(b) Remission
(c) Curable
(d) Aggressive

5. What does Anne do to manage the news about Pammy?
(a) Starts drinking again
(b) Focuses on Sam
(c) Goes into denial
(d) Looks up information

6. How old is Sam in Part 8?
(a) One year old
(b) Three months old
(c) Nine months old
(d) Six months old

7. What do Anne and Pammy use to escape Pammy's illness?
(a) Sam
(b) Marijuana
(c) Wine
(d) Day trips

8. How old is Anne on her birthday this month?
(a) 27
(b) 39
(c) 32
(d) 36

9. What does Pammy bring when she comes for a visit?
(a) Newspapers
(b) Books
(c) Magazines
(d) Groceries

10. How does Anne view every little illness or injury Sam sustains?
(a) It can be managed through prayer
(b) It will pass soon enough
(c) It is nothing to get worked up about
(d) It will develop into a life-threatening situation

11. Why does Anne resist her urges to drink or get high?
(a) Because she needs to be a good mother to Sam
(b) She doesn't have anybody to do it with
(c) She can't find a good babysitter
(d) She fears her mother's censure

12. What is beginning to wear on Anne?
(a) The routine and sameness of her life
(b) The responsibilities of motherhood
(c) Not going to the office anymore
(d) Not being in a relationship

13. Who else's birthday falls in this month?
(a) Pammy
(b) Anne's brother
(c) Anne's deceased father
(d) Anne's mother

14. What causes Anne to feel guilty?
(a) Having any fun when Pammy is so sick
(b) Leaving Sam with a babysitter
(c) Eating out too much
(d) Buying new clothes

15. How does Pammy seem when she returns home?
(a) Rejuvenated
(b) Exhausted
(c) Fatalistic
(d) Pale and wan

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Anne consider important in her life?

2. What illness is Pammy stricken with?

3. What does Pammy bring when she visits Anne one day?

4. How does Anne feel when Pammy and her husband go away for a week?

5. Who is Megan?

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