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Anne Lamott
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Given her past, Anne is in disbelief that ________________________________.
(a) She has been entrusted with the life of a child
(b) She can stay clean and sober
(c) She can stay home every night
(d) She is not working all night

2. What does Anne realize she needs to do in order to survive financially?
(a) Sell some stocks
(b) Take on more freelance work
(c) Get a full-time job
(d) Sell her house

3. What does Anne wish on New Year's Eve?
(a) That Sam's father will return
(b) That she will fall in love soon
(c) That she will find a new job
(d) That she can focus more on the present instead of worrying so much

4. The diary entries in Part 2 encompass ___________________________ of Sam's life.
(a) The first week
(b) The first year
(c) The second year
(d) The first month

5. When does Anne have a birthday celebration for Sam?
(a) When he is one year old
(b) When he is six months old
(c) When he is three weeks old
(d) When he is one month old

6. Where is Sam's father?
(a) He is dead
(b) He is out of town on business
(c) He walked away when he learned Anne was pregnant
(d) He is in the army overseas

7. Where is Sam baptized?
(a) St. Anne's Church
(b) St. Andrews Church
(c) St. Aloysius Church
(d) First Presbyterian Church

8. What is one of the things that does not frighten Anne about her pregnancy?
(a) Labor
(b) Amniocentesis
(c) Morning sickness
(d) Delivery

9. What does Anne show Sam in a store window?
(a) Her latest book
(b) A mannequin
(c) A train
(d) Christmas decorations

10. How can Anne's emotions be defined at this point?
(a) Depressed
(b) Leveled out
(c) Unpredictable
(d) Euphoric

11. How does Anne learn that she will keep the baby?
(a) After going to an orphanage
(b) After talking to a priest
(c) After talking to her mother
(d) After rescuing a baby in a dream

12. What is Anne's greatest fear about having a boy?
(a) How he will handle the responsibility of having a penis
(b) Whether or not she can bond with him
(c) Finding someone to teach him how to play sports
(d) She has never been comfortable around males

13. How does Anne know she is strong enough to raise a child now?
(a) She enjoys different experiences
(b) She has battled addictions and won
(c) She has a big house
(d) She has more money

14. What frightens Anne during a drive to the grocery store one day?
(a) Anne sees an accident occur ahead of her
(b) The brakes on her car fail
(c) Anne narrowly misses hitting a pedestrian
(d) Sam is asleep and won't wake up

15. Most of all, Anne hopes to do what for her son?
(a) Send him to college
(b) Give him a solid religious foundation
(c) Send him to military school
(d) Spare him pain

Short Answer Questions

1. What issue does Anne worry that Sam will wonder about?

2. How does Anne feel most of the time?

3. In what city is Anne's baby born?

4. Who is Pammy?

5. What happens to relieve Anne's financial worries?

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