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Anne Lamott
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who are Rex and Dudu?
(a) Long-time family friends who become grandparents to Sam
(b) Clowns at the circus
(c) Television show characters
(d) Pammy's dogs

2. What type of parent will Anne soon become?
(a) Stepmother
(b) Mother in a married couple
(c) Single parent
(d) Divorced mother

3. What suggestion from the doctor does Anne resist about Sam's colic?
(a) Medicating him
(b) Feeding him
(c) Using a vaporizer
(d) Letting him cry

4. What was Anne's mother's reaction to Anne's pregnancy?
(a) She was angry
(b) She was disappointed
(c) She was shocked
(d) She was thrilled

5. What is a major characteristic of Anne's writing style?
(a) Humor
(b) Poetry
(c) Verbose
(d) Succinct

6. What does Anne think about the worries that most pregnant women have?
(a) She thinks the women are ridiculous
(b) She thinks most women overreact
(c) She does not share any of their worries
(d) She thinks the women make up most of that stuff

7. Who is Sam?
(a) A serial killer
(b) The author's editor
(c) The author's neighbor
(d) The author's son

8. In what month are the diary entries written for Part 4?
(a) November
(b) September
(c) March
(d) February

9. Why does Anne primarily want a husband?
(a) So she will not grow old alone
(b) So someone can support her and Sam
(c) So she has someone to share Sam's experiences with
(d) So she can have some adult conversation

10. How does Anne describe her newborn son?
(a) "Small as a gnome"
(b) "The most beautiful thing I had ever seen"
(c) "Wrinkly as a breakfast prune"
(d) "Red as a strawberry"

11. What does Anne call her photo composition of a sonogram, Polaroid picture and crucifix?
(a) Self portrait
(b) Inspirational collage
(c) Family portrait
(d) Gallery content

12. What does Anne realize she needs to do in order to survive financially?
(a) Sell her house
(b) Take on more freelance work
(c) Sell some stocks
(d) Get a full-time job

13. Sam's father wanted Anne to __________________________.
(a) Have the baby
(b) Move in with him
(c) Terminate the pregnancy
(d) Marry him

14. From what disease did Anne's father die?
(a) Brain cancer
(b) Lung cancer
(c) Pancreatic cancer
(d) Colon cancer

15. The diary entries in Part 2 encompass ___________________________ of Sam's life.
(a) The first year
(b) The second year
(c) The first week
(d) The first month

Short Answer Questions

1. What is a little unsettling for Anne?

2. What issue does Anne worry that Sam will wonder about?

3. What does Anne indulge in?

4. What fear begins to emerge for Anne where Sam is concerned?

5. Where does Anne regularly take Sam?

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