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Anne Lamott
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part 11.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What quality of Pammy's would Anne miss the most if Pammy were gone?
(a) Humor
(b) Kindness
(c) Gentleness
(d) High energy

2. Who is Brian?
(a) Anne's butcher
(b) Anne's editor
(c) Anne's friend who becomes Sam's Big Brother
(d) Anne's mechanic

3. What worry does Anne carry around all the time?
(a) Her mother's interference
(b) Sam's lack of a father
(c) Health problems
(d) Financial concerns

4. In what month are the entries for Part 11 written?
(a) July
(b) June
(c) May
(d) August

5. What is a major characteristic of Anne's writing style?
(a) Poetry
(b) Succinct
(c) Humor
(d) Verbose

Short Answer Questions

1. Where do Anne and Sam sleep?

2. How many years ago did Anne's father die?

3. How does Anne describe her newborn son?

4. What frightens Anne during a drive to the grocery store one day?

5. Who does Anne call about her breastfeeding issues?

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