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Anne Lamott
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part 8.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Anne wish about Sam?
(a) That he had more hair
(b) That he were a girl
(c) That he could stay in his current stage forever
(d) That he were in school

2. What can be determined by Anne in this chapter?
(a) She has no more addiction urges
(b) She would give up Sam for a good man
(c) She will always be in recovery for substance abuse
(d) She is not cut out to be a mother

3. Where does Sam seem to enjoy babbling and making noises?
(a) Church
(b) The library
(c) The mall
(d) The grocery

4. The diary entries in Part 2 encompass ___________________________ of Sam's life.
(a) The second year
(b) The first month
(c) The first week
(d) The first year

5. What was Anne's mother's reaction to Anne's pregnancy?
(a) She was disappointed
(b) She was angry
(c) She was thrilled
(d) She was shocked

Short Answer Questions

1. What disappointment still continues to haunt Anne?

2. What does Anne wish on New Year's Eve?

3. What does Anne realize she needs to do in order to survive financially?

4. What begins to change Anne's frantic moods from being so exhausted?

5. What happens when Anne reads a story about the death of a small child?

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