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Anne Lamott
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part 10.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Anne has finally learned that she must ____________________________.
(a) Go back to work
(b) Get a nanny
(c) Get Sam to sleep through the night
(d) Ask people for help

2. What does Anne wonder as she watches Sam crawl?
(a) If he will bump his head on a table
(b) What his future will hold
(c) If the floor is clean
(d) If he will be a good reader

3. What does Anne instinctively know about Pammy?
(a) She will go into remission
(b) She will battle the disease for a long time
(c) She will be cured
(d) She will succumb to her illness

4. Anne feels as if everything she owns is _____________.
(a) Irreplaceable
(b) Second-hand
(c) Worn out
(d) A gift

5. What does Anne decide about her single-parent status?
(a) That it is only temporary
(b) That she will work hard to change it
(c) That it is a cross she will have to bear
(d) That she should not be ashamed of it

Short Answer Questions

1. Anne resists the urge to eat ________________.

2. In what direction does Sam crawl?

3. How has Sam changed the relationship between Anne and her mother?

4. What does Anne indulge in?

5. What quality of Pammy's would Anne miss the most if Pammy were gone?

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