Operating Instructions Fun Activities

Anne Lamott
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Seventh Grade... Again!

Since Anne had such bad experiences in the seventh and eighth grades, let the students relive the experience for her by proving how fun it can be. Have them think back to their seventh grade year and come dressed as close to the styles they wore as possible. They should also bring in the music, games, movies, TV shows, etc. that were popular at the time and take the jinx off seventh grade!

Dear Diary

Have the students emulate Anne's commitment to her diary by writing their own diaries for at least for a month. The resulting work can be self-published and shared too, if appropriate.

Single Parents for a Week

Obtain enough realistic, teaching dolls so that each student will be able to have his/her own child for which he/she is responsible for a week. They can experience Anne's trepidation about being...

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